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Reopening Lobbies – COVID-19 Update

Dear Credit Union Members,

On Monday, May 18th, we will begin reopening our lobbies.  As you know, we restricted access to those lobbies two months ago, on March 18th.  We did so to help our communities slow the spread of COVID-19.  Together we have made progress.  Enough so, that it is time to start reopening.

We know we are not out of the woods.  We need to stay vigilant and disciplined.  We must continue to put the health and well-being of our co-workers, our members, and the community ahead of all other interests as we make decisions.

Here is what you can expect:

  • First, our branch at the University Center on campus will remain closed for the time being. This is partly to allow for a return to normalcy on campus.  But it is also to manage through staffing shortages, especially as the public schools remain closed and many of our staff face childcare challenges.
  • Second, the lobby at Russell Street will be designated as available only for vulnerable populations beginning Monday, May 18th. Those members who are 65 or older and/or experience underlying conditions that pose higher risks will be the only members invited to use this lobby during normal business hours.
  • Third, the retail lobbies of all other branches – Brooks Street, Downtown Missoula, Downtown Stevensville, and Reserve Street – will reopen on Monday, May 18th and will return to normal business hours, but it will not be “business as usual.”  We are putting in place a number of measures to protect co-worker, member, and community health.  These measures include the following:
    • The lobbies will be limited to about 50% capacity.  That number will be different for each branch. The maximum capacity in each lobby is a function of that lobby’s size and its ability to keep people standing at least 6 feet apart from one another.  There will be 6-foot spacing stickers on the floors.  And when we are above capacity, members will be asked to wait outside.  There will be a greeter at the door to help manage this.
    • There will be plexiglass cough/sneeze screens at the teller stations and member service desks.  Teller stations will be vacant every other one. There will be hand sanitizer available in the lobbies.  And there will be a cleaning protocol following teller work.
    • All co-workers will be supplied with masks. But they may not be wearing them at all times.  If at any point you would like to request that a co-worker use the mask, please just ask.  They will accommodate that request immediately.
    • There will be a mandatory health screening for each co-worker every day we come to work. Co-workers who are experiencing any relevant symptoms, have been exposed to high-risk situations due to travel, and/or have knowledge of any exposure to the virus will be asked to stay home from work.
    • Finally, the compliance plans described above will be written, and they will be available for local, county, or state health officials to review at each branch.  Branch managers have ultimate responsibility for implementation in each location.

A few additional things to remember:

  • Please feel free to continue using remote delivery channels. We can accommodate almost any need remotely.
  • All drive-throughs remain open. This is a very important way to limit social interaction to protect your health and that of our co-workers.  Please take advantage.
  • The very best way to access our lending teams – Consumer, Mortgage, and Business – is by appointment. Please call your lender or (406) 523-3300 to schedule an appointment.
  • The best way to access our Member Service Representatives for notaries, new account openings, or other related activities – is by appointment. Please call (406) 523-3300 to schedule an appointment. Once your appointment is scheduled, please arrive at the branch at your designated time and check-in with the door greeter for further instructions.
  • If you are feeling unwell, please do not visit the credit unions’ retail lobbies. Use one of the remote delivery channels described above.

I am incredibly proud of the way our co-workers and our members have turned a very difficult period into a demonstration of our resilience and togetherness.  Let’s keep at it.

Thank you for your membership,

Jack Lawson
President & CEO
Clearwater Credit Union


For more information on Clearwater assistance options for members as well as community resources available, visit the Clearwater COVID-19 Resources page.