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Financial wellness starts with education

Financial Education with Banzai

We’ve partnered with Banzai to bring you free interactive financial education for all ages, using real-life scenarios.

Explore our library of articles, calculators, virtual coaches, and courses and gain the knowledge and confidence you want to manage your finances today.

Explore a variety of financial topics.

Saving  | Budgeting | Borrowing and Credit | HousingInsurance | Retirement | Taxes | Life Changes | Investing

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Banzai Learning Courses

Designed for K-12 students, these simulations provide experiential learning to help navigate real-life scenarios like budgeting, paying bills, and saving for future goals. Courses are free and available in both English and Spanish.

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Banzai Junior

Ages 8-12

Learn about saving, spending, and reaching goals by opening a lemonade stand!

    • Income
    • Budgeting
    • Borrowing


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Banzai Teen

Ages 13-18

Your character is a recent high school grad navigating saving, working, and unexpected expenses!

    • Insurance
    • Taxes
    • Paying Rent


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Banzai Plus

Ages 16+

Adulting can be hard! Tackle issues like maintaining credit, qualifying for a mortgage, and saving for retirement.

    • Credit Scores
    • Mortgages
    • Trade-offs


Community Education

Interested in having a member of our Clearwater Team speak in your class, after-school program, or civic group?

We have a team of co-workers who can provide financial education and cover various real-world scenarios on a range of topics from saving, budgeting, loans, understanding and building credit, values-based banking, and more!

Email us or visit our contact form and select “Community Education” in the subject drop-down menu to get started. We’ll tailor our presentation to fit your time and needs.

Contact us about Community Education
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Clearwater Financial Literacy Series

We partner with local learning centers to offer FREE financial literacy courses. Learn how to apply for a loan, understand your credit, improve your understanding of basic banking, and more!

Banking Basics

Get an overview of banking – including checking and savings accounts, why they are important, how to open and protect your accounts, and how to use banking in your everyday life.


A budget can help you understand where your money is going and put you on the right path to achieving your financial goals. But knowing where to start can seem daunting. Join our free Budgeting class and receive tips and tools to guide you in creating a budget that fits your lifestyle.

Understanding Credit

Learn about the history of credit, what factors make up your credit score, and gain a better understanding of how to build or repair, maintain, and protect your credit.

Understanding the Lending Process

Understand what a loan is, the different loan types, the 4 Cs of lending (Credit, Capacity, Collateral, and Character), where and how to apply for a loan, plus additional loan factors.

Financial Counseling

Let us help you find solutions and take control of your finances.

We offer free financial counseling for members.  Learn how to build a better budget, improve credit, or even navigate identity theft issues.

Have other financial concerns? Our certified Financial Counselor can help find solutions unique to you.

Learn about our free financial counseling

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