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Protecting the Planet

Banking can build a brighter, more sustainable future.

For every action, there is a reaction. How we do business has repercussions for our members, our economy, and our planet. We care about our community. That is why we are committed to making environmentally conscientious choices. From recycled paper, a reduction in water use, to how our employees commute – we’ve taken a hard, objective look at our internal practices. We know what our opportunities for improvement are and we’re committed to exceeding them. That is our promise to you.

Assessing our impact

The first step to reducing our carbon footprint is to fully understand what it is. Since 2018 we have conducted annual Environmental Impact Assessments. They contain our approach to environmental sustainability, a summary of our impact, and a detailed description of data and methods.

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Success starts with a plan

Driven by data from our Environmental Assessment, we have a clear grasp of our impact and know we can be better environmental stewards. With this information, we can chart a course to become carbon neutral. We invite you to review our Environmental Management Plan to see how we are going to get to zero.

Clearwater member Sean Doty collecting compost.


Clearwater Credit Union is committed to meaningful reduction of our environmental impact. To achieve this, we will set quantitative goals that are achievable but challenging, we will monitor and report our progress towards these goals, and we will work to reduce our impact directly before turning to purchased offsets. We are pleased to announce that in 2020 we met our goal of carbon neutrality. Working with the Missoula Housing Authority, Climate Smart Missoula, and MMW Architects we were able to purchase offsets generated by a local affordable housing project.

Clearwater member Sean Doty collecting compost.

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