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Safe Deposit Boxes

Your belongings, kept safe

Ask about a safe deposit box

If you have important documents, high-value items, or other belongings to keep safe, consider storing them with our credit union in a safe deposit box.

With rental fees as low as $20 (depending on size), we offer affordable, individually secured safe deposit box options for every budget. Call or visit one of our branches today to see if a safe deposit box is a good option for you.

*Due to the popularity of our safe deposit boxes, we maintain a waitlist for interested members.


Some people use safe deposit boxes to store important documents, like passports, legal documents like a will or power of attorney, or tax returns. Some use them as a backup for electronic records; for example, an external hard drive. Sometimes they’re used to store high-value items like jewelry or other precious items.

Your safe deposit box provides privacy and security for valuable items or records, and can store just about anything you need to protect.

The Annual Box Rental fee depends on the size you select, ranging from $20 to $60 per year. If you lose a key, the replacement is $10. If you lose two keys, the replacement plus locksmith fee can be as much as $200 (actual cost may vary).

We have safe deposit boxes at our Southside Branch on Brooks Street, our Downtown Branch, the Russell Branch, the Reserve Street Branch, and the Stevensville Branch.

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