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Support Your Community & Shop Local

Like you, the COVID-19 public health and economic impact, has weighed heavy on our minds. Many are facing an uncertain financial future, dealing with childcare issues and school closures, and are worried about the health and wellbeing of loved-ones. There is no doubt that times are tough right now.

Remarkably, it is during times like this that we also rediscover the kindness of strangers, the value of collaboration, and the true strength of our communities. Non-profits, local governments, community organizations, and everyday people have come together to share information and resources.

To help our members get the help and the services they need, we’ve created a comprehensive list of community resources available.

Visit the COVID-19 Resource page.

We also wanted to share 5 ways that you can support your community by supporting local businesses impacted by COVID-19.

  1. Order takeout or delivery from a local restaurant.
  2. Keep your gym membership if you can and see if they have online classes.
  3. See if your favorite local store has an online store.
  4. Buy a gift card from a local business that you can use later.
  5. Support your favorite local brewery, distillery, or coffee joint and buy their products at the grocery store or through curbside pick up.

Looking for local businesses in your area to support? Below are some links to local business directories to help you get started.