Oriana - Founder: Medicine Mountain Scrub Company.
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Function & Sustainability

As a registered nurse, Oriana was disappointed by the lack of functional medical workwear options. She needed larger pockets to store tools, and she wanted a high-quality garment that was made from recycled materials. She knew there was a need for a better, more green option – so she decided to make her own.

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Building Better Surgical Scrubs

Two years later, Oriana founded Medicine Mountain Scrub Company – a Montana business that focuses on creating a supremely functional, sustainable, and ethical alternative in the medical workwear space. Putting healthy humans and a healthier planet is at the core of her business.

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Vales-Based Partnership

It was important to Oriana that she partner with others who shared her values and believed in her vision. That’s why she does all of her business and personal banking at Clearwater Credit Union – a member-owned, values-based banking cooperative with a mission to be a force for good.

I’m learning every single day as I move through my entrepreneurship journey, and it’s important to me that I connect with professionals in their space that help me learn, and Clearwater Credit Union provides that for me.

— Oriana | Founder: Medicine Mountain Scrub Company
Oriana - Founder: Medicine Mountain Scrub Company

Banking can be this good.

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