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On Sept. 3, we’re changing our name, not our values.

As we’ve grown to reach more communities outside Missoula, we’ve had to ask ourselves whether the name Clearwater Credit Union, a name that has served us well for sixty-three years, will continue to serve us in these different communities. We took our time with this question, spending a year and a half considering this change and involving our members, our coworkers, our community, and the people in our new field of membership.

We weighed our affection for a name that we’ve been proud to carry for all these years against our responsibility to prepare the credit union for the future. In the end, our Board of Directors unanimously agreed that as we grow to serve more communities, we need a name that ensures the people in these communities know they belong here too. A name that reflects our local roots as well as our commitment to being a force for good. A name that highlights to our dedication to being transparent and reminds us of everything banking can be.

So, on Sept. 3, we will be changing our name to Clearwater Credit Union.

Clearwater Credit Union logo.

We were pleased to make this announcement at yesterday’s Annual Member Meeting and will continue to provide all members with more information in the coming months. We would also encourage you to visit clearwatercreditunion.org/clearwater to learn more about why we’re making this change, the source of our new name, and what to expect next.

While we will always have affection for the name “Clearwater Credit Union,” our new name will help us grow so that we can serve you even better and bring what we’ve all loved about MFCU to more Montanans. Our commitment to doing the right thing for members has guided us through many changes in the past, and our commitment to our values will guide us through this change as well.


Jack Lawson, President & CEO

Don Creveling, Board Chair