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Imposter Scams on the Rise

According to the Federal Trade Commission, imposter scams are the most reported type of scam in the United States. An imposter scam is when someone contacts you by phone, email, or text and impersonates someone of authority to convince you to send them money or gift cards or to share personal information so they can commit identity theft.


Clearwater Credit Union, the IRS, the Social Security Administration, the State of Montana, or any other government agency, as well as local utility companies, will NEVER call, email, or text you and ask you to:

  • Withdraw your money and deposit it to a Bitcoin ATM.
  • Transfer, wire, or mail cash to another person or business.
  • Purchase gift cards to send to another person or business.
  • Provide personal information to validate your identity.
  • Withdraw large sums of money without telling your spouse, partner, or other family members.

If you receive a call asking you to do any of the above, it is a scam! PLEASE HANG UP IMMEDIATELY and give us a call at 406-523-3300.

Even if the person tells you they’re with Clearwater or another government agency or utility company, please do not believe them. We can assure you that legitimate businesses and government agencies will NEVER ask you to pay in the form of cash, wires, or gift cards.

These fraudsters can be convincing, so whenever you’re in doubt, please stop by your local branch or give us a call before sending any form of payment.

If you think you have been a victim of imposter fraud, please give us a call at 406-523-3300 as soon as possible.