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Banking can strengthen local economies.

When Sean told us about his goal, a zero-waste Missoula by 2050, we were there with a small business loan—and our business.

Along with community and conservation leaders, Sean co-authored, “ZERO by FIFTY,” an ambitious initiative designed to reduce 90% of Missoula’s waste by 2050. His own business, Missoula Compost Collection, provides a critical service needed to achieve this goal. And we’re grateful to be able to support his efforts.

Sean was inspired to start his business after attending a Missoula community meeting in 2017. “Folks were saying we need a residential compost service. Currently, about 210,000 tons of waste go to the landfill every year and about one-third of that is organic waste, which could be diverted to a compost facility.”

With Clearwater, Sean secured start-up financing as well as loans for equipment purchases. “The Credit Union helped me get a line of credit, and I was able to purchase commercial bins, and some equipment, like my trailer. They also gave me an auto loan.” Since then, Sean’s business has continued to grow. “Right now, we’re right around 750,000 pounds and we’re trying to get to one million.”

A lot of banks would have just said, ‘That’s a cute idea.’ The Credit Union, with their vision and their sustainability goals, jumped right on board and thought it was a great idea.

— Sean Doty
Sean Doty - Member since 2004

We believe banking should strengthen local economies—and invest in businesses that shape our community’s future for the better. That’s why we’re proud to say that we’re not just Sean’s credit union, we’re also his customer.

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