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Banking can build a brighter, more sustainable future.

Nathan and Ann visited us for a home energy loan because, like us, they believe in living sustainably—and powering a brighter tomorrow here in Montana.

Nathan and Ann designed their house from the ground up with the dream of using solar panels. But, at the time, the plan seemed too difficult and expensive. “When we first started looking at doing this, we didn’t know the Credit Union even had solar loans.” But after reaching out to us, we were able to help them achieve their energy goals.

Beyond gaining more energy independence for themselves, Nathan and Ann saw the potential benefits of solar for the entire community. “Maybe in the scheme of things, the two of us running a house on solar isn’t a grand change. But if enough houses were solar, that’s a huge amount of viable energy. Missoula could potentially run off of solar.”

Clearwater member sitting on front porch of their house with their dog.

Our Clearwater loan officer, Katelyn, worked with Nathan and Ann and helped them get a plan in place. “I was intimidated by the prospect until I really sat down and looked at how the numbers all pencil out. It went so fast from the loan application to approval. I was able to start talking to installers: ‘Yeah. We’re ready to go. We got the money.’ It really made a difference.”

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Just seeing how much effort Clearwater has put into their new buildings—with their solar panels, renewable building materials and efficiency standards—was a big inspiration.

— Nathan and Ann Zalvaney
Clearwater member standing on roof.
Nathan & Ann - Member since 1998

We believe banking should build a brighter, more sustainable future. Thanks to members like Nathan and Ann, together we can gain greater energy independence and power a brighter tomorrow here in Montana.

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