Staff at Imahine Nation Brewing Co. stirring the malted barley.
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A Thirst for Home

To commemorate our new name, Clearwater teamed up with Imagine Nation Brewing to raise awareness and money for the Missoula Home Coalition.

Housing in Missoula is increasingly out of reach for many residents, and Clearwater hasn’t been the only organization to notice. The Missoula Home Coalition was formed when nine local organizations decided to unite to create change and advocate for their community.

When Clearwater and Imagine Nation Brewing Co. (INBC) decided to team up to create a commemorative beer, everyone agreed that the proceeds should be donated to an organization working to help Missoulians. The newly formed Missoula Home Coalition was the perfect fit.

What makes this beer special is the fact people from different sectors are gathering around an issue that is really starting to affect many people in Missoula which is the cost of housing and affordable housing.  When you get non-profits that come together that have cultural power, a credit union that has financial influence, and a brewery that has the ability to gather people together — when all of those different sectors can come together around a common objective, we believe that’s when magic happens.

— Robert Rivers
Robert Rivers, Co-Owner of Imagine Nation Brewing Co.
Robert Rivers, Co-Owner Imagine Nation Brewing Co.

A key ingredient of the project was to bring together members of the coalition, Clearwater staff, and employees of the brewery to engage in dialogue and learn from each other through the process. They were invited to participate in the brewing process in August and also volunteer during the canning that took place in early September.

The canning was a first for Imagine Nation. Clearwater Credit Union covered the cost of production and canning, and Imagine Nation brewed the hazy IPA on behalf of the financial institution.

Clearwater staff member pouring hops during a brewing procress.

Local retailers Worden’s Market, Pattee Creek Market, Orange Street Food Farm, and Good Food Store, all agreed to sell this limited run of beer without markup and give every cent of the profit to the Home Coalition. Roughly 250 four-packs of 16-ounce cans were produced, and the packs were sold for $14 each.

A couple of kegs of the limited edition beer were also available on tap during the Clearwater Credit Union launch party at Imagine Nation Brewing Co. on September 5, 2019.

A conveyor belt of can during a beer canning process.

The coalition works to improve options for Missoula renters, development programs, resources, and legal assistance for people facing barriers to housing in our community. The coalition is comprised of the following organizations:

A crowd at Imagine Nation Bering Co. during

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