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Saving for the Unexpected

Saving for Life’s Uh-Ohs!

Let’s face it: life isn’t always convenient or affordable, but having even a small amount of emergency savings can make unexpected car repairs or doctor bills less stressful. As part of America Saves Week, let’s look at how to build yours.

We All Need Emergency Savings

Research has shown that families with at least $500 in an emergency savings account can be better off financially. Why? Having any amount of money set aside helps avoid unplanned debt, especially when life throws you a curve ball, like a sudden plumbing problem or an unexpected vet bill for Fido.

Start Your Emergency Fund

Building an emergency savings starts with small, regular automatic deposits. Once you get started, you’ll be amazed at how fast the dollars add up. Starting with a $50/month deposit to a Clearwater savings account could grow to $600 in just one year.

We’re here to help with your emergency savings goals. Stop by any branch today to discuss which type of savings account suits your needs best.

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