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Join the Clearwater Supervisory Committee

Are you a Clearwater member?

Interested in serving on a volunteer committee?

Up for overseeing important aspects of Clearwater operations?

The Supervisory Committee is made up of five volunteer Clearwater Credit Union members. These members are responsible for overseeing the annual financial statement audit and verifying adequate internal controls are in place to protect member assets.

We are looking for two new volunteer members to serve three-year terms. The ideal candidate/s will have some general knowledge of and/or experience with, credit unions, business, finance, accounting, IT security, law, or another related field. The Supervisory Committee welcomes interest from all members of the Credit Union.

If you want to join the Clearwater Supervisory Committee, please send a letter of interest to Supervisory Committee at P.O. Box 5384, Missoula, MT 59806-5384 or email [email protected].