Photo of snow Uptown Butte, Montana with parked vehicles and historic buildings on either side of the street.
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Coming Summer 2024

We are excited to announce that our new location in Historic Uptown Butte, at the corner of Granite and Main, is set to open in the Summer of 2024!

Proudly built by local contractors to complement the historic character of Uptown Butte, our newest Clearwater location has been designed to provide members with an enhanced banking experience while aligning with the Uptown Master Plan. During the design and construction of our new, permanent location, our teams met with numerous local officials and community groups to ensure we fit within the Uptown Master Plan. Designed and built with a focus on reducing our environmental impact and achieving net zero energy, the Butte Branch is beautiful while conserving Montana’s Natural Resources.

And in Butte, the opening of the new branch is equally welcome, said Joe Willauer, Executive Director of Butte Local Development Corp. “We’ve seen so many innovations with our existing businesses and people who still definitely want to start businesses, so it’s great for town and something we’re really encouraged to see,” he said.

Photo of mine headframes from the Mountain Con Mine located in Foreman's Park in Butte, MT.

“Butte has an incredible history. Money has come in. Money has gone out. We are here to mobilize local savings and reinvest it into the communities we serve,” said Paul Herendeen, Clearwater’s Director of Impact Market Development.

Photo of the building the new Clearwater Credit Union Branch will be located in Butte, MT.

Featuring enhanced banking features; a universal associate (UA) model, a full-service lending team, a dedicated parking lot, and drive-up Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), the focus has been on creating an enhanced banking experience for our members in Butte.

“We’ll be able to bring values-based financial services to Butte,” Herendeen said, citing the loans, credit cards, financial counseling, and other products we offer that would benefit Butte.


— Paul Herendeen
Photo of historic buildings in Butte, MT
Historic buildings line Uptown Butte, Montana.

Clearwater Credit Union is part of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) and Montana’s largest Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), bringing Values Based Banking to the 20 counties we serve across Montana.

Photo of a snow Butte, MT valley.

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