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Banking can be responsive to community needs.

When Kathryn learned her school couldn’t offer federally subsidized loans, they pointed her to Clearwater. Within days, we secured the finances she needed.

Kathryn was struggling to find a career after college. “I was stringing together a bunch of part-time jobs just to get by,” she says. She decided she wanted to attend Montana Code School (MTCS), but wasn’t sure how she was going to afford the program. Along with MTCS, we were determined to help her realize her dream.

Montana Code School asked us to join forces to provide a loan option for its students. We responded by creating an entirely new loan program and helped Kathryn (and community members like her) secure the funds she needed. “Because of this loan, I was able to stop working and complete my schooling. It wouldn’t have been possible without the Credit Union.”

As a result, Kathryn was able to attend, graduate and land a position at LumenAd, a Missoula-based technology company. Two years later, she is now an Integration Specialist on LumenAd’s engineering team. “My experience with the Credit Union was flawless. It was so quick and they answered my questions immediately. Now, I have a whole new dream right here in Montana.”

I was able to go to school and get a job within four months, thanks to Clearwater.

— Kathryn Kelly
Kathryn - Member since 2004

We believe banking should be responsive to community needs. That’s why we’re always striving to offer unique products and services that help more Montanans, like Kathryn, achieve their dreams.

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