Banking can be a

Force for Good

While our name has changed, our commitment to you and to the values that have guided us for over 60 years will never change. We believe that banking should be grounded in cooperative ownership. Banking should solve problems. It should be inclusive of all walks of life. And above all, we believe banking should be a force for good in the communities we serve and in the lives of our members.

Banking can be personal.

At Clearwater, we know that all of our members are unique and so are their needs. We believe that banking is at its best when it puts people first. Hear from our members about how Clearwater was there for them.

Banking can strengthen local economies.

Along with community and conservation leaders, Sean co-authored, “ZERO by FIFTY,” an ambitious initiative designed to reduce 90% of Missoula’s waste by 2050. His own business, Missoula Compost Collection, provides a critical service needed to achieve this goal. And we’re grateful to be able to support his efforts.

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Banking can build a brighter, more sustainable future.

Nathan and Ann designed their house from the ground up with the dream of using solar panels. But, at the time, the plan seemed too difficult and expensive. “When we first started looking at doing this, we didn’t know the Credit Union even had solar loans.” But after reaching out to us, we were able to help them achieve their energy goals.

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Banking can be empowering.

When the University of Montana approached us about partnering with the Women’s Leadership Initiative to empower and connect women leaders, we didn’t have to think twice. And when asked about who on our team would like to participate, we didn’t have to look very far.

Learn more about Nicky

Banking can be responsive to community needs.

Kathryn was struggling to find a career after college. “I was stringing together a bunch of part-time jobs just to get by,” she says. She decided she wanted to attend Montana Code School (MTCS), but wasn’t sure how she was going to afford the program. Along with MTCS, we were determined to help her realize her dream.

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