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Every one is welcome here.

June is Pride month.  What does Pride mean to Clearwater Credit Union?  Above all it is about creating a sense of belonging for all of our co-workers and members, regardless of gender- or sexual-orientation.  When we succeed at creating this sense of belonging, our co-workers and members bring their best selves forward.  When that happens, we thrive – out of diversity we build unity and a common sense of purpose.  That is something to celebrate.

Yet we know Pride is not just about celebration.  It is also about struggle.  The struggle for basic human rights.  June was the month of the 1969 Stonewall riots, protests that created momentum to strengthen LGBTQ rights for many years to come.  That struggle is not over.  Even today, many of the fundamental rights the LGBTQ community has won over the years are under threat.

At Clearwater, we stand beside our LGBTQ co-workers and members, both in celebration and in struggle.

Jack Lawson
President & CEO