Buzz Points for Business

Give points, get business

Join the program that rewards customers for shopping with you. Become a Buzz Points business, and offer our credit union members extra points every time they buy from you.

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How it works

In the Buzz Points program, our members earn reward points every time they use their Clearwater Credit Union debit or credit card.

When you join the program as a participating “Preferred Business,” our members will automatically earn extra points whenever they buy from you.

Your business will be listed on our website as a preferred local business, promoting you among our Buzz Points players and incentivizing them to shop with you.

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Offer rewards

Want to go further? As a participating “Preferred Business,” you have the option to offer in-store rewards and exclusive deals to our Buzz Points players, bringing them through your door to redeem the points they’ve earned.

Members have the choice to redeem their points at a local preferred business, by making a donation to a charitable organization, or using rewards offered at participating stores and offices.