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Brooks Street Drive-Thru Construction

We’re remodeling the drive-thru!

You may have noticed some construction activity around our Brooks Street location. We are making improvements to the drive-thru building in order to better serve our members. We will not be making significant changes to our main building, which was built in 2009.

Some of the improvements include adding access from Dore Lane, more parking, new trees and green space, and combining our lobby and drive-thru services into one building. This construction will be completed in the fall of 2019. We will stay open throughout, but there will be some service disruptions at the Brooks Street drive-thru to accommodate the construction.

  1. Monday, April 22, 2019:
    The Brooks Street drive-thru will no longer be able to accommodate vehicles with trailers.

    However, our branch at 1775 S. Russell can accommodate trailers. We apologize for the inconvenience, but there just isn’t a way to get trailers through the required turn as we reconfigure the drive-through.

  2. Late June / Early July:
    The Brooks Street drive-thru will no longer be able to give out rolled coin or money orders.

    We are moving to a new drive-thru technology which is going to be a great value add for our members. But, the new system will be tubeless and won’t be able to dispense those items. All other transactions can be handled as normal.


New Drive-Thru – Same Values.

Every facilities project is a chance to put our core values into practice. The remodeled drive-through will exemplify our shared values in the following ways:

  • Together We Own – We are a cooperatively-owned credit union, and we always strive to be wise stewards of our members’ money. This includes making investments to give us a solid foundation for the future. We’re quite happy with our main building on Brooks Street. However, careful assessment has helped identify ongoing problems with the site itself, and with the smaller building on the site. We believe it is in the best long-term interest of the credit union to address these pain points.
  • Together We Empower – We’ve heard from our members, and from our coworkers, that there is room for improvement at our Brooks Street campus, particularly around the way we serve members, accessibility for our coworkers, and traffic flow around the site. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our members and to support our coworkers who make that happen. We’ve taken feedback to heart and are making the necessary investments to support the continued success of the credit union.
  • Together We Include – It’s vitally important that our facilities make it easy for all of our members to get the services they need, and for all of our coworkers to do their jobs and live their lives. It’s also important that our facilities consider our neighbors and our larger community. We see ourselves as stewards of a piece of our community here at Brooks Street, and we want to take good care of it.
  • Together We Matter – We want all of our facilities to demonstrate a high level of environmental sustainability and community-oriented design. Our remodeled retail building will be LEED-certified and will generate almost all of its own power via a solar array. We’ll be retaining as many mature trees as possible, and planting many more. We are building more parking, but we’re also reducing the total amount we need and keeping more green space by launching an alternative commuting incentive program and sharing parking with our neighbors. By not building the maximum amount of parking, we can leave a treed buffer between us and our residential neighbors, and we’re also designing our lighting so that it’s aimed away from their homes and timed to go off at night. An advanced stormwater treatment system will help protect our aquifer. And we’re improving pedestrian access to and around the site. All in all, the new site will be more functional, more sustainable, and more pleasant.

We are always happy to talk with any of our members, or anyone in the community, about this project.

If would like to discuss the Brooks Street Drive-Thru Remodel, please contact Director of Impact Market Development, Paul Herendeen at [email protected].