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Saving for Major Milestones

Your Someday Deserves Attention

Everyone has financial goals. Yours could be a new car, house down payment, vacation of a lifetime, or retirement. Reaching your personal major milestones starts with long-term savings and a plan. As part of America Saves Week, let’s look at your major milestone savings options and how starting now can make all the difference for your future.

Your Future is Calling!

Whether it’s a new ride or a new deck for the backyard, saving up the money starts with a single deposit of any amount, followed by weekly or monthly ones. For example, if you want to save $5,000 for a remodeling project in six months, set aside $210 every week for 24 weeks.

Retirement Savings Starts Now

When it comes to retirement and tax-advantaged growth, not much can beat the power of a Roth IRA (individual retirement account). That’s because every contribution you make to a Roth IRA uses after-tax dollars. As you enter retirement, everything you take out of that Roth IRA is tax-free. You keep all the profits. As with any investment, consult with a financial advisor or tax professional to fully understand state and federal tax laws and possible changes.

We have saving account options, including a ROTH IRA. Stop by any of our branches today to discuss your options. We look forward to seeing you!

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