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2021 Board of Directors Elections

Each member of the Clearwater Credit Union (Clearwater) Board of Directors serves a 3-year term. Each year the Nominating Committee nominates candidates to fill expiring terms or vacant positions. For 2021, incumbents Leslie Halligan and Don Creveling have been nominated to fill the two 3-year Board positions open for election.

For members interested in contesting these nominations, the Nominating Committee will accept nominations by petition until May 10, 2021. If Clearwater receives additional nominees by petition, a competitive election will be necessary. In such a case, candidate names and biographies will be posted in the branches and online by May 18, 2021.

If the Nominating Committee receives no additional nominees by petition, the elections will not be conducted by vote, but instead will be declared by acclamation at the virtual Clearwater Annual Meeting to be held June 22, 2021 online, supported by Zoom. We will provide more meeting details as soon as we are able. Thank you, for your understanding and your membership. Nominations from the floor will not be accepted at the Annual Meeting. More details will be available on our website after May 10, 2021.

Nominating Statements

Leslie Halligan

“As a board member of Clearwater Credit Union for more than 20 years, I have observed many changes in our organization, including significant asset and member growth, expansions in our service area, a recent name change, and a renewed focus on serving members while being a catalyst for positive social, economic, and environmental change. I am very honored to serve our members and am seeking your continued support in the upcoming election. While working with diverse, talented board members, management, and staff, I have worked to ensure financial safety and security, excellent service to members, and to provide staff with a living wage. In spite of the unprecedented challenges of COVID, Clearwater is working to be a force for good in banking, in the communities we serve, and in the lives of our members. If re-elected, I will work diligently to ensure that Clearwater remains a vibrant, sound financial institution, that values its employees and enhances the lives of its members and the communities it serves. I would appreciate your vote.”

Leslie Halligan serves as a District Court Judge in Missoula and Mineral Counties. She is a third-generation Montanan, who attended the University of Montana, graduating with a BA in Political Science in 1983, and a Law Degree in 1986. She and her husband, Mike, are active in the Missoula community and have raised three sons. As a Board Member, Leslie has watched Clearwater grow from assets of $83 million to nearly $800 million. She strives to be a strong advocate for members and employees. 

Don Creveling

“The opportunity to serve on the Clearwater Board of Directors is one of service to a tradition of members helping members. Not only is it important to continue our focus on providing affordable and secure credit resources, financial education, and consistent financial opportunities for members, it is also important that we manifest our commitment to values-based banking. Continuing to advocate for prudent financial management, a vision that encompasses dedication to a sustainable economy, to being a socially-oriented community member, and to ethical banking are values that I support and will continue to work for. My wish to continue as a Clearwater Board Member is part of a personal goal of continuous learning in being a positive and vital part of our community.”

Don Creveling has been a Clearwater Board Member for the last 20 years. Don was raised in rural Montana and has enjoyed being a part of all that makes Montana a great place for families and work-life balance. He holds a MBA in Health Care Administration and has worked in health care finance since 1990. His wife and family stay busy with work, travel and all the outdoor activities Montanans enjoy. A credit union member for over 48 years, Don is most interested in the owner-member concept of credit unions and considers being a voluntary board member a great opportunity.